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Health Ministry

“Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit”
1 Corinthians 6:19

The Health Ministry enhances our congregation’s quality of life by helping to improve the health and spiritual well being as well as emphasizing wellness and prevention and the power to take control of one’s health. 


Health Ministry Goals:
  • To organize and provide educational opportunities for the church family and community.

  • Conduct health screenings.

  • Provide health education programs. 

  • Promote healthy eating. 

  • Provide physical fitness programs.

  • Provide first aid support for regular church services and other special events.


Health Ministry Objectives:
  • Promote prevention education in church body and the community.

  • Provide essential education and resources that address prevalent chronic conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

  • Provide medical screenings and health education to the congregation.

  • Empower and educate the congregation and community members to become health advocates.

For more information, feel free to contact Dr. Verquita Scott-Conl​ey, M.D.

The Health Ministry does not provide hands-on-care, but rather direct 

its members to see their healthcare provider and familiarize members/community with available resources.

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