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Facility Rental Request

Please read the following information and email to request a facility rental.

All buildings and grounds of Oasis Baptist Church (OBC) are to be treated with the utmost respect and
care. Activities that conflict with the moral, biblical, and doctrinal position of OBC will not be permitted. This is a place of worship and should be treated accordingly. Any mistreatment of the facilities will result in a forfeiture of the security

 OBC functions and activities have priority over other renters. Requests are to be considered in order received.
 Renters are required to remain in areas agreed upon and are responsible for keeping group participants confined to
those areas.
 OBC is not responsible for any personal possessions belonging to renters or those attending events or activities
sponsored by them.
 Children may be present only in the direct care of responsible adults. They must never be left unattended on OBC property.
 Facilities must be restored to the prior condition at the end of the rental period or the deposit will be reduced or
 Should the premises or any part thereof be damaged or destroyed by fire or natural elements, or any other
unforeseen occurrence that renders the facility unfit for occupancy, or otherwise makes the renter’s use impossible,
OBC shall not be liable or responsible to renter for any damages resulting thereon.

 There shall be no smoking, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs permitted at any time within the buildings, or on
OBC property.
 There shall be no gambling of any form within the buildings, or on OBC property. The facilities may not be used for
private profit making business.
 There shall be no use of offensive or sexual music lyrics, or profane or vulgar language. Personal behavior must be
fitting to the house of GOD.
 No weapons or fireworks are allowed within or on OBC property.

 All decorations, flowers, rental equipment, or other items brought into the facility must be removed at the end of
the rental period.
 Decorations may be attached to the walls, doors, windows, etc. with tape only.
 Candles must be contained in a non-combustible
 Return all tables, chairs, and other equipment to their proper place after the event.


 Renter shall wash and dry all dishes used and return them to the correct place.
 Wipe counter tops, clean sinks, and sweep floor if needed.
 Bag all garbage and debris and take out to the cans located outside of building.
 Return all tables, chairs, and other equipment to their proper place after the event.


A security deposit is required to be paid at the time your contract is received. This fee will reserve your date. This deposit
will be refunded if all space, whether inside or out, is left in the same (or better) condition and arrangement than it was
found. In the event of damage to the facility/equipment, the deposit will be applied to repairing the damage. If damages
exceed the security deposit, you will be responsible for the balance. Separate checks shall be written for the rental fees
and the security deposit.

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